Valentine’s Purse

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I’m pretty sure my Duck Brand® obsession is out of control.  Rolls and rolls around the house, and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. I find it’s especially fun with holiday items. I made a  Valentine’s Day craft with it this year, and it went over very well with my 11-year old. Got a child who loves Valentine’s Day and loves purses? This might be for you.

 photo Valentinespursebox_zps12f057ea.jpg

It all started with a cereal box (easy enough). It was a pretty simple concept. I just cut some lines to make a flap at the top. This would be the built in opening for Valentine’s cards.

 photo Valentinesbox_zps6ee421c7.jpg

Once I cut it open, I just started covering the box with Duck Brand® tape. It took a couple of layers to keep the box from showing through, but it made the colors much more vibrant.

 photo Valentinespurse_zps3378b00f.jpg

The best thing about Duck Brand® projects is that they are sooo forgiving. I just kept slapping tape where I needed it, and trimmed off excess. It sticks so well to the item, that it molded well around the edges and stayed right where I wanted it. It’s a very non-stressful project!

 photo Valentinescardbox__zps8ed408f7.jpg

There’s all kinds of Duck Brand® tape inspiration out there. You can find them on Twitter or find tons of inspiration on Pinterest if you need some! Enjoy!

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