Cupid’s Lair

I did some thrifting this weekend, and it was euphoric.  I found some wonderful deals, but I can’t show you until my husband goes to work.  Sound familiar to anyone, or am I the only one who doesn’t want to hear, “What in the world did you buy that for?”

However, I can show you a little Valentine’s project that I just completed.  Like my wooden heart?  Me neither.


Hobby Lobby had their jewelry beads 1/2 off this weekend, and I found such a pretty pink mixture that I had to have it—without knowing what I wanted to do with it.


I smeared some craft glue all over the heart, smashed the beads into the glue, (official terminology here) and let it dry.


Combine your new bejeweled heart with a frame from your basement and hot glue that sucker right to the back of the frame.


IMG_0010  IMG_0012

Bask in your self-righteousness when your husband sees it on the mantle and says, “Wow?  You made that?  I’m impressed.”  Of course you are, dear.


I will admit that I tried another one with smaller beads that nearly lead to a nervous breakdown.  I wouldn’t suggest using these beads.  Nor do I suggest nervous breakdowns.


No project here.  I simply impaled my fake plant with a pick.  I do love little touches here and there, though.  You have to be careful with Valentine’s decorations.


One too many hearts, and the next thing you know your living room just might look like this.

red-hearts-for-Valentines-Day-3 Be careful.

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