Union Jack Tray {3M DIY Starts Here}

**Due to a scheduling issue, I had to pull this original post. It’s baaaaack! Hello there! I’ve been doing a little “project”ing around here lately, and I thought I’d show one to you. I’ve been loving the union jack pattern, but it’s just not something that would really fit in my house in any kind of large scale. So I did the next best thing—a smallish tray.

DIY Union Jack

For about $12, it’s kind of cool to have an original tray to hold our living room junk as I call it. You know—remotes, coasters, etc. Remotes—the bane of my existence.

Union Jack tray-001

I bought a small piece of wood and had my Lowes guy cut it into the size I thought I’d need. Some Dark Walnut stain on it was the easy part. Make sure to wear some protective gloves ‘cause this stuff is so gross if it gets on your hands!

Dark Walnut Stain

And now for the pattern. Eeks! My cheat sheet (aka my iPhone) helped me figure out the pattern. My goal was not to measure anything out. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that goal.

3M tape lines

Using some ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape tape (hello, love of my life!) I taped off the center grid lines first and painted those in.

taped off lines

The paint dried super quickly, so I proceeded with the “x” part of it. Keep in mind—no measurements. I was ok with it being somewhat flawed just as long as it came out crisp.

Union Jack stencil

How’s that for crisp? Good job, ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. “You’re my boy, blue!” (Name that movie?)

clean tape line

Soooo once it was painted, it was time to build the tray. After all that freestyle painting, this was the easy part! I just used my nail gun (pah pah pow!!), and it was finished. As you can see, I always have my safety glasses (cool looking, no?) when using the nail gun. It’s such a high-powered tool that it makes me nervous just thinking about what a shard of nail could do to my eyes!

building a tray

Oh wait. Not finished. I added some handles with a bit of a rubbed finish to make it blend with the rustic feel of the tray.

rustic blue tray

Now we have a catch-all for those pesky living room items. Just got the new Pottery Barn catalog. Thank you, Lord.

tv tray

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