Tuesday Traveler: Munich, Germany

It’s 11:57pm on Tuesday. That qualifies as making it if you start writing the post on the due date, right? If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know it’s Haven week around here. For me, this means waiting until the last minute to get anything done, then panicking and staying up late the night before I have to leave for the airport. So let’s take a step back to Europe and take in Munich for a minute, shall we? If you’re new to the series, feel free to visit Amsterdam here and Heidelberg here!

1. The architecture. I just kept thinking, “People get to look at this stuff every day.” Seeing buildings like this certainly reminds me that we live in a young country. I love America, but I sure do wish we had some of this architecture!
Munich architecture


2. Goodness! The flowers! It’s really best that I don’t live in Europe because I would spend every earned dollar on fresh flowers. They’re everywhere, and they were begging me to buy them. Of course, it was all in German, so I didn’t realize that until later.

Flowers in Germany

German flowers
3. We started to get a little creative with our photography. I spotted this little German man in a coffee shop, and I needed a picture of him. The little bugger kept eyeing me (aka the crazy American with a camera pointed at him), so I had my friend stand in front of the building and act like I was taking a picture of her. Score 1 for the crazy American.
German man
4 and 5. The Hofbrauhaus. This was one of the few cities we visited at night, and it was so worth it! The city just takes on a totally different look. I was in love. This beer house is just incredible. It’s considered “the king’s beer” and is pretty much the epitome of Bavaria.
German Beer House
Hofbrauhaus Germany
I sent this picture to my husband, and his reply was, “You didn’t drink it.”
I did drink (some) of it, thank you very much! Of course, I think you can tell how I feel about beer from this picture.
HB drinking
Bestie and I spent the evening searching for “real” Germans and asking to take our pictures with them. Again–the crazy Americans with a camera. But we got ’em!
Hofbrauhaus beer
Can any beer house go wrong when it has an oompah band? I think not.
German band
It was definitely one of my favorite evenings, and I would LOVE to go back for Octoberfest someday. Maybe when I actually start liking beer. That would be a good time. Well, I leave for Atlanta bright and early tomorrow! Follow along on Instagram if you wanna see what’s happening this week!
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