Tourist Tuesday

Let’s see. How does one possibly wrap up a 15-day whirlwind trip of Europe and sift through 2,376 (yes, that many) pictures in one post? One doesn’t. Forgive me, but I’m gonna turn my trip into a little series for ya. It’ll help me think more clearly about what you do or do not want to see, and it’ll hopefully keep you from wanting to gouge my eyes out with a fork.  That means it’ll be a little offbeat–but that’s JaG for ya! Ya know what I’m gonna call this?

 Tuesday Traveler

Ok, so the title’s not quite offbeat. I’ll be tackling this series by stop, and our very first one is The Netherlands. Here we go!

1. BIKES in Amsterdam. 1.2 million of them. Never feared a bicyclist before? You will after your visit there. I found it humorous to see a woman in a tight skirt and three-inch heels just wheeling along to work.  I kept asking, “But what about when it rains? Do they actually bicycle in the snow?” We’re pampered.


2. I’m not a fan of houseboats. That is…until I saw this one. So pretty, right? Ya done good, houseboat owner.


3. I came closer to royalty than I’ll ever get. See the people behind them? I was going to stand there, and then I thought, “They won’t go over there.” I’m dumb. ‘Cause they did, and I missed my moment to introduce myself as an American and comment on her gorgeous dress/hat combination. Yes, that was going to be the depth of my conversation. “I’m an American! Your hat and dress are beautiful!” The end.

Netherlands royalty

4. Cheese and tulips abound. What you would expect, right? I ate more cheese in two days than I’ve eaten in my whole life. Some were amazing; some not so much. I did not, however, eat any tulips.

Cheese and tulips

5. Amsterdam is a liberal city, and it was interesting to see/experience it.  Seeing women (who weren’t women) walk the streets without ridicule, seeing women…..errr “ladies of the night” in the middle of the day (Hello, Red Light District!), and going to a coffee shop that served a LOT more than coffee was quite an experience.


After all these wonderful things, would you believe this stop didn’t make my list of favorites? Gasp! Awesome place, but the trip just got better and better! I’ll be back next week with our next stop.


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