The Trip: Part 1

I know. It’s never a good thing when a vacation post is titled “Part 1.” I’ve been living out of a suitcase (a carry-on, mind you!) for 14 days. You’re just gonna have to bare with me on this one. Plus, I promise a couple of good house tours! Here we go…

Day 1:      (Awww…them’s just jokes. I won’t torture you that much.)


In case you didn’t know, we went to Naples, Florida to visit this guy. No, not the dog (but he is a cutie!). He has been my best friend since birth (he’s also my first cousin), and he abandoned me moved away a few years ago for the sun and sand.


I’ll give you a little tour of his place later, but our first stop? The beach, of course! I’ve been to a LOT of beaches in my life, but the Gulf Coast just blows all other beaches out of the water. Get it? Water?

gulf coast


Because I’m a sneaky photographer, I didn’t forewarn my subjects of the impending wave. Great shot. I prevailed.


When I look at this picture, I think of two things. 1. My husband knows better than to be a sneaky photographer. 2. I can NOT look attractive on the beach. How do women make their hair all cute and effortless??

Naples, Florida

“What about the little one”, you say? She’s been watching too much of the Discovery Channel. Her dad’s girly fear of sharks has rubbed off on her, and she was quite apprehensive to enter the water.

Daddy Daughter in beach

Here’s a little photo representation of how our beach time generally looked.

Gulf Coast

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this topless sunbather. Some people run into Marisa Miller on the beach. I run into this guy.


Vacation sure is wonderful, but I am GLAD to be back. Is it normal to want to “nest” when you finally get home? I’m almost excited to vacuum, and I can barely wait to wash some windows.

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