The Little Mailbox

My kids’ mailboxes was one of my very first posts on here.  After returning from a weekend with family today, I had two e-mails about them.  I’ll use that as a sign to post about them since I have really have nothing more pressing at the moment.  IMG_0222 I’ve had these mailboxes for a couple of years, but I recently saw them in the unfinished wood department at JoAnn’s fabric.  I originally made them because I used to leave for work before my kids got up in the morning.


It was important for me to leave a morning greeting for them, and it was important for them to get something in their mailbox. 


The mail has since evolved into special notes of love, special treats to show gratitude for help around the house, or a note of encouragement for doing a good job at school.


My kids absolutely love them, and I can’t say enough about the connection it offers us.  Keep in mind my kids don’t know what bills are yet, so they LOVE checking the mail! :)

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