The Closet Begins

Before I show you what you’re about to see, let’s just imagine that my linen/guestroom closet will soon look like this. Let’s also imagine that I have some clue what I’m doing, and this’ll only take a couple of days to finish.

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I knew this closet was going to be a project of mine, but it’s been off to a slow start. Remember those goals? I started just piling things in there with total disregard for neatness.

closet before

Then my husband caught “Death 2012” as we call it, and I banished him to the guestroom. That meant I had to stay out of there until the death was gone.

closet before

The shelving unit put in place originally just didn’t function well. It’s always been intended as a guestroom, and the fact that it only had a few shelves has always been a nuisance. I found that putting this cheap dresser in there helped for the time being.


I also find that having a spoon in your closet works out well. You never know when you’ll need for…ya know…reading some Poe.

guest closet

So I spent a couple of hours gutting it, removing the dresser (SO glad that’s not on video), and removing all the wire shelving. I came up with two bags of trash and three bags of donations. (I did not donate the spoon.)

building closet shelves

So here’s where it is as of now. The project came to a halt because I couldn’t remove these little plastic thing-a-ma-jigs that were holding the shelving. They are STUCK in the wall, but they’re not screwed in. I should have taken a closer picture to explain. Anyone come across these before?


I’ll be back once I figure those things out. I drew a sketch of what I envision in this space, and you will quickly learn that I have no artistic abilities whatsoever.

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