SaS in Review

Focal Point is my obsession right now, and this picture should clearly explain why. She did an incredible gallery wall. Go. See. Pretty Handy Girl gives THEE ultimate tutorial on how to install board and batten. And trim. And molding. Seriously. It’s incredible. Put this one in your “save” box. You have to see the before of this bathroom to appreciate the after even more, but In My … [Read more...]

SAS in Review

Gosh I love Show and Share Day. Inspiration galore right at my fingertips. Once again, you didn’t disappoint! Crafty Decorator va-va-voomed this entry. It looks wonderful! At Home by the Baye turned some of those beautiful glass pieces you always see into something functional. I’m pretty much in love with this idea! Hi Sugarplum made one of my favorite sunburst mirrors I’ve seen … [Read more...]

SAS in Review and a Plea


Because I have a bit of an obsession with this tablecloth and because I have called no less than 7 stores looking for it, I am asking for your help! It’s a Raymond Waites tablecloth, and I bought it on clearance at Marshalls (Homegoods/TJMaxx). I put out a call for help on FB, but I’m taking it up a notch. I’ll pay whatever it takes (almost) in order to get another one. I’ll take any size … [Read more...]

SAS in Review

Once again, you guys made it very difficult to select some posts to include today. I saved so many ideas to my folder! Here we go… Angie at Echoes of Laughter shared some amazing tips about camping. As you may know, I am NOT a camper, but my family drags me out once a year. Last year, we actually ordered pizza one night. No joke. Go visit Angie. She shows you how you’re supposed to eat on a … [Read more...]