Maximus Moment


I've tried doing "series" posts on here, and my life and schedule are just too chaotic. However, this dog o' mine is pretty funny. We have our issues, but the big ol' dope makes me laugh. So here's my attempt at a series. The Maximus Moment. Maybe he'll make you giggle too. We had a heavy snow hit last week, and it was starting to melt back just a bit. This means a whole lotta deer come out to … [Read more...]

Flooring Woes


I don't even know where to begin with this one. Remember when Maximus almost died, and I was all, "Oh…that's sad. I'm so glad he's alive!"? So that wiped out our bank account. Yay. And then remember when my dining room looked like this?  Welp. Now it looks like this. I'll give you one guess who did it. His name starts with N and ends with Emesis. Long story short, he developed a bladder … [Read more...]

Craft Room Renovation


So…my craft room (I call it my project room, but that’s neither here nor there) is undergoing a transformation. It’s gone through a few transformations, and I’ve never been super happy with it. You know that feeling when you “finish” a project, and you still have a checklist of things you’d like to do to it? Yeah, that’s never a good sign. This new project involves a wall of bookshelves. And a … [Read more...]

How to Coexist with Dogs


How’s that for a title, eh? When we first got Maximus, I asked my students who have dogs how their moms (‘cause let’s be honest here) keep their houses from smelling like dog. The universal answer? “Yeah, our house just smells like dog.” Nooooooooo! As much as I did NOT want to take on the responsibility of this 140-pound slobber ball, I knew it would be mine. More importantly, I knew I … [Read more...]

Porch Urns


I’ve been on the hunt for porch planters for two summers now. Because our house sits off the road a bit, I knew I wanted something tall—something substantial. I also knew that that they needed to be tall, but not too wide. That’s an easy find, right? Two. summers. later. I went to Lowes, and they had something close. Tall, but too wide. Home Depot? Narrow, but not tall enough. Grrr. These … [Read more...]