Never, Ever Give Up

Five days ago I told you that my ONE goal around these parts is to blog better. Remember that? Yeah well, apparently I started to forget it. There you have it, folks! Five days in, and I was already forgetting my goal! It's 10:00 on Thursday night, and I've been editing a blog post for an hour. So at this very moment, I say to myself, "Self, blog better." And with that, I bring you this … [Read more...]

Winter Decorating


As much as I love Christmas, I sure do love how clean the house looks after all the decorations are gone. However, it can lead to a dilemma. How do you decorate? What do you use if you like to add decor to match the season? Well, if you live in Michigan you just decorate your house with tons of snow. And air conditioners. If you’d rather not be that drastic, might I recommend just using a lot … [Read more...]