Organized Drop Space


Happy Monday! Orrrr Tuesday. Summer is HERE for me, and I am already losing track of days. I. love. it. I have some awesome pictures to share of our weekend getaway, but first I thought I'd show some organization I've done recently. This month's project for Lowe's was a welcomed challenge. I was asked to show how to organize a drop space for your home. You know I love me some organization, and my … [Read more...]

How to Install Cabinet Hardware


I have no idea where these things have been all my life, but they are LIFE CHANGERS. If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I picked up a bunch of random items the other day. I had some cabinet hardware to install in the laundry room, so I picked up a couple of little gadgets to make my life easier. At the time, I thought they were a bit of a silly purchase. I was SO wrong. Because I … [Read more...]

Extending Cabinets to Ceiling


The laundry room remodel is moving along slowly but surely. Actually, more slowly than surely. It took me an eternity to find the right wall color, but I think I've found it! I thought I'd show you how we extended the cabinets to the ceiling to elongate the room a little bit. We went pretty standard in this room 'cause well…it's a laundry room. However, the more time I spent in there, the more I … [Read more...]