5 Things That Won’t Happen at Haven Conference


That time is upon us. Haven Conference is days away! You're either getting excited or nervous. Or perhaps both. Instead of telling you what you should be doing or what you should have prepared, I'm writing this to hopefully put your mind at ease. I'll preface this by telling you I'm a pretty laid back person. Sometimes you need a laid back opinion to put things into perspective, so here are some … [Read more...]

Never, Ever Give Up

Five days ago I told you that my ONE goal around these parts is to blog better. Remember that? Yeah well, apparently I started to forget it. There you have it, folks! Five days in, and I was already forgetting my goal! It's 10:00 on Thursday night, and I've been editing a blog post for an hour. So at this very moment, I say to myself, "Self, blog better." And with that, I bring you this … [Read more...]

The Must List: Beneath My Heart


You know what they say about all good things… Today’s post wraps up “The Must List” series, and I couldn’t be happier that Traci is posting today. To say she’s a social butterfly is an understatement. I literally want to shadow her throughout a room and watch how she floats around effortlessly from person to person. It’s a skill, really. She’s such a fantastic person that it was an easy decision … [Read more...]

The Must List: Infarrantly Creative


Beckie’s resume literally exhausts me. How one girl can take on so much is beyond me, but I’m so thankful that we get to benefit from it! Of course, all that work means that she’s quite the savvy blogger. She knows all the ins and outs of…well…everything! I could sit down with her for hours to pick her brain, but here’s just a sampling of what she knows! Hey JaG readers, this is Beckie from … [Read more...]

Gah! Google.


Well, nothing like the last minute to tell you that Google Friend Connect is gonna be looong gone tomorrow. What’s that mean? All of these people will no longer be subscribing to Just a Girl. Gasp! I can’t imagine losing thousands of you to this, so I’m hoping you’ll find me some other way. Any of these options are the best for sure!          There is no way I … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Live Writer


The #1 reason I dragged my feet about switching over to Wordpress is because I had played around with their set up, and I hated writing a post in it. It was NOT user friendly, and it wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to do easily. Enter: Windows Live Writer. LW is an extremely user-friendly free program that you can install on your computer in order to post to your blog. While you may have … [Read more...]

Buh Bye, 2011


I’m ready for 2012 and all the possibilities it will bring. I’m ready for painting some rooms. I’m ready for building some things. I’m ready for HAVEN!! I’m ready for more time with you. Have a SAFE and fun New Year’s Eve. See you next year!! (Nope. Couldn’t resist.) … [Read more...]

Haven Conference Tickets!

It’s here! The much-anticipated Haven Conference 2012 registration is OPEN. All of us on the team are over the moon with excitement, and we can't wait to kick this conference into gear!Availability is limited since we hope for this to be a more intimate conference. Call your friends; get a babysitter; plan for that road trip! Go visit HAVEN today. I’m really excited to see you! If you have … [Read more...]