Homegoods Accessories {A Giveaway!}


My love for Homegoods runs deep, and I've made no secret about it. It started with an open letter to them three years ago. And then it just got more intense here and here. And then Homegoods saved my marriage here! Ok, so you get it. I love them. They recently contacted me about their Homegoods Happy Home Resolutions. Would I show how accessories can bring life to a space? Could I show examples of … [Read more...]

One Bed, Three Looks


Years ago (I've been blogging that long?), I talked about my fickleness when it comes to bedding. I think it's a rather simple change-up, and since Michigan goes from cold to hot and back to cold again, I need it for the changing seasons. Ya know--cold and hot. I purchased an ivory velvet duvet set from Pottery Barn, and I've loved it. It's a perfect wintery backdrop for accessories (hello, … [Read more...]