Sweater Wreath

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of texture. So…I decided to buy a few sweaters at Salvation Army last week to make some things with. Project #1? A wreath.

feathers on wreath

I used a straw wreath that I had on hand, but I would recommend a foam one if you have the choice. Straw worked fine, but the foam would offer a little more structure for you. The sweater was $3.99. It’s the price I’m willing to pay for cable knit. Lu-huve cable knit.

straw wreath and sweater

I cut off the sleeves (that’ll be project #2) and cut the front and back panels apart at the side seam.

craft with a sweater

Because the material is so forgiving, I just kind of pulled and adjusted as needed to get it lined up. I was able to cover the whole wreath with a bit of fabric to spare.

hot glue sweater

After hot-gluing it into place around the back, I trimmed off the excess. I didn’t do anything else to the back. Just left it raw. Who’s gonna see it? Whoever does see it is nothin’ but a wreath backside creeper. Eww.

sweater craft

One of my favorite “go to” items is a big ol’ fat satin ribbon. I used it in the spot that seemed to expose the most of the straw wreath, and I used some feathers to adorn it. Cutting off the excess wire and hot gluing them to the ribbon was all that was needed. The feather bundle in the center just lent itself to the arrangement.

wreath supplies

And here’s the finished product.

sweather wreath

The materials definitely make it too fragile for the elements, so I used it on my garage door. I thumb-tacked the ribbon right to the top of the door. It was just too much work to figure out the door hanger on this one. Ta-to the-dah!

sweater feather wreath   





  P.S. I used the word “I” 15 times. That’s annoying.

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