Simple Easter

Posting on a Saturday? Call me crazy. Or just call me really busy through the week. Easter is quickly approaching (which means spring break for me!!), and I will say that it’s probably the most difficult holiday for me decor-wise. It means four things–bunnies, eggs, flowers, and baskets.  All of which can border on frilly or downright obnoxious if not done well. So how does one decorate for Easter without it looking like an Easter bunny vomited everywhere? Here are some ideas. (Click on pictures for links.)

Easter Collage

It can certainly start outside. In some areas of the country (not here!), buds and blooms are already making an appearance. Show off some natural color with these great ideas.

Pottery barn easter porch


tulip wreath

Keep it simple. Moss, flowers, an Easter terrarium? Brilliant!


Honest to nod

Decor can include fresh flowers or some subtle accents around the house. I think this is where things can go horribly wrong. Small touches throughout the house are always gonna go a long way. Plus, it just makes things easier on the decorator!

Craftberry bush

Easter decor ideas 5 500x500

Blue eggs

Pottery barn easter eggs

And of course–the Easter table. It doesn’t have to be expensive to decorate. Since “simple” is your friend, keep the cost to a minimum. A cleverly folded napkin or a bundle of the same type of flower can do the job very well.

Easter decor ideas 99

Martha stewart easterWheat grassThe blender blog

What would Easter be without the basket? A classic basket. Martha Stewart has it down to a science, doesn’t she?

Clover basket

Martha stewart easter basket

pottery barn

I’ll be back in a bit to show you how I’ve been decorating. I think you can probably expect no colorful bunny statues or egg garlands, but it’s cute nonetheless. Enjoy your weekend!

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