Silhouette Cameo Giveaway

Remember how I said I don’t do many giveaways? Well, forget about that for now. Christmas season is here, and too many GOOD opportunities are coming at you for me to keep passing them up. I’ve had a great relationship with my Silhouette machine for years now, so when I was told I could offer a FREE one for you, it’s gonna happen.

Silhouette Giveaway

I think the machine–and the projects I use it for–speaks for itself. It’s valued at $300, and it’s worth every penny. Here’s a sampling of things I’ve used it for!

Silhouette Projects

  1. Glitter cone ghosts
  2. Bat wreath
  3. Michigan state sign
  4. Halloween tissue box

Numbered Silhouette collage thumb

  1. Snowflake coasters
  2. Thrift store stationery set
  3. Spider web clock
  4. Butterfly art
  5. Glass etched coasters

I’ll announce the lucky winner on BLACK Friday. If you don’t win, never fear! There will be some incredible deals on that day, and you can use code jagirl to get them. Good luck!!
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