Show and Share Day…and Grout

Okay. Let’s see if the blogging gods are on my side this week, and I can actually get a Show and Share Day out! Fingers crossed that this works!


I had a LOT of questions about my super secret grout cleaning system. I’m embarrassed to say it’s nothing fancy, but it works brilliantly. I use



I mix some bleach with hot water, and I dive right in. You might need to keep in mind that I don’t have 3,000 square feet of tile. I’m sure there’s a better system for miles of it, but this works for the rooms I have to deal with. I also know that some people run screaming from bleach, but I’ve found nothing that works as well. That’s not exactly true. I use this, too.

So there you have it! My “so secret and successful I should have written an e-book about it” cleaning tip. You were expecting more, weren’t you? That’s all I’ve got except for SAS Day! Let’s link up, shall we?

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