SaS in Review {Project Gallery}

This week kept me busy! How was I to choose among all these fantastic links? Gosh, ladies. You really know what you’re doing. Here we go!

The Yellow Cape Cod makes a DIY trundle bed. Could that be any cooler?

Visit The Polka-Dot Umbrella for some gift bag ideas. It’s that time of year. There’s no denying it!

The Rooster and the Hen finished her master bedroom, and it’s D-vine! Go see all the projects she did to finalize it.

Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom

On the V Side completed an Ikea hack that is now on my project list. I just love it.

All in a Day shared one of the prettiest birthday parties I’ve seen. She went all out. Go see!


Sewing projects make me nervous, but Just Another Hang Up gave a pretty spectacular tutorial on this one.  Love it.

Moore Minutes made Thanksgiving ships from bread loaves. Well, of course. ‘Cause that’s what brilliant people do. I love these!

I think gallery walls can be tricky, but From Gardners 2 Bergers nailed this one (get it? nailed?). It’s perfection.

Courtney from A Thoughtful Place decided to spruce up a blank wall by writing on it. Yup…just wrote on it. Annoyed with her talent right now, aren’t you? Or perhaps that’s just me? Don’t you love it?!


Welcome to the Mouse House installed some board and batten AND a gallery wall! They are equally awesome.

There were some delicious recipe links this week. Mom on Timeout shared this soup, and it looks sooo good.


As always, if you’d like a button to tell everyone how awesome you are, feel free to take one! Thank you for all the links this week! Good times.

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