SaS in Review

Is there some quick way I can re-link all 200+ projects I saw? Wow! Just amazing, girls. Things are settling back to “normal”, so I am thankful that I can finally show some off! Here we go…

Oh, Texas Cottage. Why did you have to link up this recipe? My hips thank you. And so does my son who saw me posting about this!

smores cups

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’m not going to talk about it much, but Being Brook shows off a tidy and colorful way to organize those schedules that are going to start getting busy soon. Lu-huve that dresser!

organization center

Hands down, one of the prettiest dresser transformations I’ve ever seen. What little girl wouldn’t fall in love with this dresser? Perhaps my little one would actually put clothes away if she had this. Yeah…probably not. Go visit Impressions from Jani to see more.

girls painted dresser

These are the Days took a risk with color, and it paid off!!! Her new dining room is just stunning. Go see!

new dining room



Again…that time of year that shall not be named here.  The 36th Avenue shows how to make a ca-ute shirt! Hint—it was not striped when she bought it. :)

back to school shirt

Little Lucy Lu shows off a colorful craft room that I could easily make a mess in! She gives a spectacular tour with all kinds of pictures and information. Go say hi!

crafft room

I have a thing for pinwheels.  Minimoz must have known that. Is this project the cutest or what? My wheels are turnin’. Ha! Wheels. I didn’t even mean to do that. I have a thing for wheels…my wheels are…ok. You get it.

pinwheel art

There you go! Just a FEW of the many awesome links that participated in SaS. Thank you SOOOO much for linking up! I just love going through the pictures.

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