It’s what’s on my mind, so I’m checking in. I was at school giving a quiz (mean teacher) when I heard the news. When something like this happens at a school, I immediately go into two modes. The parent in me desperately wants to protect and hug my children. The teacher in me feels sympathy for the role the teachers in that school had to take on.

I’m madly in love with my job, and more importantly, I’m madly in love with my students. I tell them all the time that I want to keep them safe from harmful words, from bullying, and from the pressures that come with adolescence. It’s abhorring to think I might need to keep them safe from bullets as well.

So while I am hugging my children extra tight this weekend, and I’m praying constantly for the families that have lost a child, my heart also aches for the teachers in Newtown.  I know they didn’t go into education thinking their duties would include hiding and shielding students from harm. Thank you not only to the teachers who lost their lives, but also to those who will forever be scarred by that fateful day.


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