Remodeled Fireplace

I went back home for Christmas Eve to visit my family—otherwise known as my mom and my Grandpa. Small holiday gatherings for us, but well worth the drive home. I walked into my mom’s house, took about 15 pictures, and then my camera died. Or did it? Apparently it “rolled off the couch while I was moving some Christmas presents.” Can you guess the culprit? Well, it wasn’t me.

Me mum (pictured below) recently redid her fireplace, so I thought I’d show you. I would lu-huve to show you some before pictures, but she doesn’t quite have the blogger mindset that requires her to send those to me. 


Imagine a huge, brick fireplace (that was NEVER used) and dark trim as the before. Here’s the after.

remodeled fireplace

She’s still not finished accessorizing it, but I thought she was off to a pretty fantastic start.

silver candlesticks

She had all the brick ripped out, replaced the surround with some beautiful tile, and encased it with a crisp white trim. It took some creative photography to leave out my grandpa’s “Frasier chair” as I call it. She really loves the way it turned out, and I do too!

marble fireplace

She doesn’t know I took this, but she sent me out to the garage to get something out of the fridge. This is what her garage looks like. Seriously?

white decorations

I had planned to go back out and take more pictures of the row of baskets to the right, but someone decided to drop my camera before I could get back out. He shall remain nameless, but he knows who he is. And he’s currently sleeping with one eye open.

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