Queen Bee Designs

 Once again, I have another wonderful reader who is offering up something darling.  This time it’s JEWELRY!  Who doesn’t love jewelry?!  I’m a sucker for anything personalized, so Queen Bee Designs is right up my ally!

Here’s one of my favorites!  I’m almost willing to have two more kids so I could have this with their names on it.  Okay.  No I’m not.  That was only said in the name of advertising.



Goodness.  How charming is this?  I can already picture the outfit I’d wear with it.  Of course, I’m also 50 pounds lighter in that outfit.  It must be the necklace.


When you visit her blog, you’ll notice that she gives an explanation behind her jewelry.  I love that.  You can tell that Amanda takes pride in what she does!


This is a serious giveaway, everyone.  Amanda is offering $40.00 to the reader who offers to come and do my laundry for a month.  Oh wait.  I guess that’s not what she said.  All you have to do is leave a comment!  It’s that easy!

I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!  Go say hello to Amanda while you wait!

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