Pottery Barn Craft Desk

I’ve had a couple of messages asking how the craft desk is coming along. Yeah…about that. It took me a minute, but it’s finally finished.

Pottery Barn craft desk

The top was pretty scratched up, but the rest of it was in perfect condition. I dove right in by priming it while it was unassembled. The only before picture I have is this one.


And now I give you the finished product. 

pottery barn craft desk

Don’t pay attention to the unfinished surrounding. Just the desk, remember?

pottery barn craft table

I found the perfect bins at Target to store all my crafty junk. They were $10 a piece, so I bought a couple at a time. Well, in true JAG form, I’m one short. They are nowhere to be found. Offfff course.

target storage bins

The original knobs were wood, and I thought I’d glam it up a bit. I found these for $1.00 at Habitat Re-store. Love that place.

brass knobs

Because my other furniture in the room has a gloss finish, I’m doing the same to this piece. As of this picture, it was still drying. I’d like to have a piece of glass cut to go over it, too. We’ll have to see how much that costs.

brass knobs

You may notice that I didn’t paint the inside of the drawer. It slides open so smoothly that I didn’t want to mess around with that. I left it as-is since no one’s going to see it anyway. Well…anyone but you, of course. And my husband who said, “You forgot to paint the drawer” as he was helping me move it. He’s an Einstein, I tell ya!

drawer organizer

I lined the bottom with some scrap leather I had on hand (yes, I had it on hand), and I found two trays for $5 at Target. They fit quite perfectly to store my go-to items. Here’s a little breakdown of what’s in there for now.

organized drawer My goal is NOT to clutter up the top of it. I’d rather not have a single item on there so I can just go to work all the time. We shall see…

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