Personalized Hand Santizer

by Chris on January 14, 2013

So I love making these things. Anytime I need a small gift, it’s my go-to item. With Valentine’s Day on its way, I thought I’d make a few up. Instead of the red/pink theme, I went with something more Michigan friendly. Winter.


The directions are pretty straight-forward. Purchase some clear hand sanitizer and peel the stickers off. Use some sticker remover (baby oil works ok in a pinch), and decorate to your heart’s content. I always like to put a little tag on mine to give it some dimension, but it’s really up to you.


I like to choose stickers that are either cut out or have a clear background. Just be aware of it when you’re choosing your stickers. Hobby Lobby has stickers 40-50% off quite often. Stock up!



Quite pretty, eh?


I wrap them in various ways, but if it’s just something small, I place them in a tin bucket from the dollar section at Target. I use coffee filters for the tissue/filler and attach a coordinating tag. If you’re looking for something small, charming, and personal, this is both easy and inexpensive!




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