Organized Cleaning

by Chris on September 20, 2011

Is there such a thing? Well, that’s my goal. Alice comes tomorrow, and I wanted to make the process as smooth as possible.

cleaning supplies

That–combined with my obsession with cleaning products and organization–meant that I went out and bought her all new supplies.  Having them all together really serves two purposes. It keeps all the supplies together so she’s not scrambling around the house looking for them, and it helps me to know when a particular product is getting low.

cleaning caddy

I think I’ll put her sponges and rags in another container because I’m still missing a couple of cleaners I like included. It’s amazing how many cleaning products we use and don’t realize it!

And this is where I tell you that I really do keep most of my products “green”. However, I cannot give up my Soft Scrub. It’s the ONLY thing that works on my sink to keep it clean. Please don’t hate. I’m a Shaklee girl, really. Except for Soft Scrub. And Mr. Clean sponges. I need to stop talking.

cleaning supplies

After reading all of your comments about your love of cleaning ladies (yay!), do you have any advice for me? Anything you or your cleaner does to make things easier or more efficient? I’d love to hear some tips!



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