Add Length to Curtains

Anyone remember this?  No, I’m not talking about the bedroom.  I’m pointing out the erroneous purchase of 84” panels instead of 90”.  Now you’re remembering, right?


Well, I finally got around to fixing the problem—for free.  With the purchase of the new daybed, I no longer had use for my daughter’s bedskirt.  It was a Pottery Barn purchase, and the skirt was a heavyweight quilted panel. 


With scissors in hand, I chopped the skirt part right off the panel.  Because it had a cute pleat in the middle of it, I had to line it up right with my shorty short curtain.



I didn’t even worry about the shredded material that was still attached.  I knew I’d be covering it anyway.


I know I could have sewn this, but I didn’t want the worry of puckering or crazy stitches (both of which would have happened).  Instead, I used this HeatnBond hem adhesive.  It’s so easy to do, and it HOLDS!


I simply lined the bottom of the curtain with the adhesive hem, ironed it down, and it was done.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but I used some ribbon I already had, ironed it down as well, and it hid the frayed edges!  Ta-da!!


So… (or should I say no-sew) for free, I was able to fix what used to be a “design” faux pas and make it worthy of the window treatment gods.

IMG_0437  IMG_0429



It’s just another example of how much money “shopping the house” can save you.  Now if I could just find a maid somewhere in this house…

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