Neighbor Gift

OH, what to do when a new neighbor moves in.  Do you bake them some bread?  Cook them a meal?  Give them a high-five at the mailbox?  Pretend you didn’t know they moved in and proceed as if nothing is new?

NewNeighborsWelcome It took me a minute to decide, but I pulled something out of the air.  We’re talking a little shady here, people, but bear bare Bayer with me.  Remember these?IMG_5198

As it turns out, apparently when you make something, it actually makes SENSE to give it away.  At the very least, said project should be out for people to enjoy.  Mine, however, has been sitting in a storage container.  On my dining room table.  So, I took them out.


Next, I typed up some local phone numbers of places that they might need on a more regular basis. I also added a “recommendation section” of some wonderful downtown places to visit (If you do this, it’s best to put a little description of what it is.  You don’t want them thinking Rocky’s is a boxing gym).  Lastly, I included all the phone numbers of the neighbors in the cul de sac—especially if they need some sugar at 12AM or a cup of corn syrup at 11:30 at night.  I’ve heard that happens around here.  Dumb night time bakers!


Then, in pure stalker form, I took a picture of their house.  Using my crazy photo skills, I added a “Welcome Home” banner at the bottom and framed it for them.  This way they can reflect on what their house looked like when they first moved in. I waited for that car to leave. Really.  It just wouldn’t.  I’m pretty sure it’s one of theirs.


Put them all together with some homemade No Bake Cookies made at 10:26PM and VOILA!!  A “new neighbor” welcome basket.


The paper doesn’t match the box, and it’s driving me nuts.  I was originally going to use a basket, but it didn’t work.  I’m changing the paper tomorrow.  Yes, that’s really how I am.




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