Mustard Seed Milk Paint Dresser {Makeover}

Well, it was time. My beloved little dresser had really seen its day. The drawers weren’t holding up right, and I wanted something taller for the space. AKA—I wanted more storage. Can you ever have enough?

I knew how this would play out. I’d want the dresser on day 1. I’d find it on day 219. But it was worth the wait. Beautiful condition, real wood, and $60. Iiiiiiiiii’ll take it!

dresser before

As I pondered what to paint it with, my friend and savior came to my rescue. Marian sent me a couple of shades of her new milk paint line, and that was all she wrote. I mean, she wrote more. That’s just an expression.

milk paint

The final product? A shade of dreamy with just a touch of bliss.

milk paint dresser 1

After telling Marian what I was looking for, she sent over Shutter Gray and Grainsack. I would bet that this is 95% Shutter Gray. I added very little of Grainsack. Just enough to lighten it a tinge.

milk paint dresser

My décor doesn’t really call for pieces that are too aged, so I just lightly sanded the edges to show some wear. Not too new, not too old. Juuuust right.

dresser detail

While I loved the paint (was a little tricky to figure out consistency), it’s the wax that made me fall in love. Holla! This stuff is a miracle in a tin, and I’ll be using it again (that rhymes—depending on your dialect). Went on like buttuh.

Mustard Seed Milk Paint

This is not a sponsored post, but rather a declaration of love for a paint that my friend came up with. You done good, girl! Me likey.

Dresser Milk Paint

It doesn’t have to stop here. If you want to learn about Marian’s heavenly painting skills, you know where to go. Well…just in case you don’t know where to go. I am now looking for a dresser for another room. In case you’re wondering, it’s day 96.

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