Mercury Lamp Score

I went shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day and made a beeline for the clearance section. I spied something with my little eye. mercury lamp

Hmmm…that shouldn’t be clearanced out right now. (That’s me thinking to myself.) Then I noticed the writing on the tag. $120 for a lamp at Hobby Lobby? Huh?

burlap lampshade

And then I saw this tag underneath it. I quickly looked around for the hidden camera. Someone must have been trying to catch my reaction for giggles. There was nothing, so I put it in my cart—still bewildered. Would they really mark it down that much for a finial? 

Hobby Lobby Sale

  I decided to employ my little one to demonstrate my “quick fix”. Here’s her story–

“I wonder how I can make this lamp work? If my mom’s taught me anything, it’s that I can DIY this.”


“Ah ha! This finial (that cost $2.39 at Lowes) will be the perfect fix!”


“Come here, you mangy lamp shade. You and I are gonna have words.”


“Well would ya looky ther? It worked!  I’m pretty sure my mom is a genius, and she’s taught me everything I know.”


A $120 lamp. A $2.39 finial. For $26.39. Boo to the Yah.

hobby lobby lamp

Thank you, Hobby Lobby.

mercury lamp

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