Masculine Wrapping Ideas

Happy December to you! In other words, happy month of buying that perfect present and wrapping it just right. Part of my monthly challenge with Lowes is to show some gift wrapping alternatives. I was all over this one ’cause Lowes has plenty of cool things to use! 

DIY Christmas wrapping

Don’t get me wrong–Lowes offers plenty of beautiful paper and wrapping supplies, but I wanted to show how you can get creative with things. It’s especially cool for the guy in your life that wouldn’t appreciate the glittered reindeer or foil wrap anyway. Everything in these pictures is from Lowes. I used paint cloth paper, some foil tape, string, washers–all kinds of random things–to make it festive.

Manly wrapping supplies

Masculine presents 1

Pretty cool, eh? I used a paper punch to make all the leaves, but you could easily just make some polka dots or more stripes. It was fun finding creative ways to implement basic supplies! Who knew a door hinge could look so festive?

Masculine wrapping ideas

Gold chain ribbon

Not only was it fun finding various materials, but it’s also extremely inexpensive. The brown paper could easily wrap 2,592 gifts. :) You probably know my love for Lowes, and I’m so thankful to be a part of their team. Don’t forget to subscribe to their FREE Creative Ideas magazine. It’s a good mail day when it arrives around here!

Winter Badge  13 Banner 392x140

Disclosure: Lowes provided me with a gift card to showcase this project as part of their Lowes Creative Ideas Bloggers’ team. All the thoughts and opinions are certainly my own. I don’t get gift cards for those. :)


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