Landscaping Progress

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I don’t have to go to work for the next three months. What that means is that for the first time in forever, it is Sunday night, and I’m not getting outfits ready for the week. I’m also not packing lunches. Oh! And I’m not having a nightmare that I’ve shown up to work naked. That’s normal, right?

While we celebrated our new summer freedom most of the weekend, I did get to work today on the landscaping. You see all that progress?


It’s a significant step in the right direction because I am cursed with indecisiveness. I spent all afternoon traveling back and forth between nurseries making sure I got just the shrubs that I wanted/needed for this space.


And I literally mean back and forth. After going to two nurseries and being upset that they were charging too much or not offering the selection I was looking for, I decided to go to Lowes. Here’s what I bought…

  • 3 Weigela
  • 2 Globe Junipers
  • Grand Total: $120.00

On the way home, I decided to make a “what the heck” stop at another nursery that I don’t remember being all too fond of in the past. Here’s what I bought…

  • 3 Weigela
  • 3 Spirea (that Lowes didn’t carry)
  • 3 Asters
  • 2 Campunelas
  • 1 Bird’s Nest Evergreen
  • 1 Hosta (three times the size of Lowes)
  • Grand Total: $165.00

If you could see the quality difference between the shrubs, you would be absolutely amazed! My point? Go to your local nursery for landscaping supplies. It’s. a. must.


I keep thinking I’ve gotten so much done until I realize I have a ton more things to plant (and spend money on). It’s getting there…but slowly. In this process of hardcore labor, I have done a little self-discovery. I have discovered that I am the messiest worker on the face of the planet. Case in point–




You know—kinda like this guy. I’m the Tasmanian Devil of yard work. Except I don’t have fangs.


I’ll be back tomorrow to highlight some SAS Day links. I’m excited to share!

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