Improvements at JaG

First of all, I had so much fun reading your comments about your pets. I was laughing out loud at points, and I was taking in the sheer craziness of some of them! I guess that’s why we have them, eh? Thanks so much for all the cute stories!

I think it’s no secret that search engines do not do blogs justice, so I knew something had to be done. Since getting at job at Google wasn’t really an option, I decided to call upon the next best thing. Enter Shelley from House of Smiths. Not only is she absolutely brilliant, but she is absolutely brilliant! I asked her how she went about some or organizational skills on her blog recently, and she was an open book! Awesome! Thanks, girly!

Long story short (too late for that?), I implemented a Project Gallery section in the navigation bar above. A few years of blogging lends itself to a number of projects, so I broke it into categories for ya.

project gallery

It’s not entirely finished, but it’s up and running! Feel free to click around and see if it helps you find things around here a little easier.Just a Girl project gallery


And finally, you can find a FAQ section in the navigation bar too. Most of the questions I’ve received could be answered by reading that post. As much as I try to keep up on e-mails, it would really help expedite things if you could refer to this page first! Happy browsing?

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