Ikea Butcher Block Countertop {giveaway winner announced}

Long title, eh? It kind of matches the process of this laundry room transformation. Baby steps. Soooo we started with the DIY pedestals. It was a priority for me, so we knocked it out first. Let me tell ya—still in love. DIY washer dryer pedestal

We had inexpensive laminate installed when we built. The ol’ “It’s just a laundry room” argument. Well, I was over it. I drove two long hours to our “local” Ikea and purchased a butcher block counter.  I chose the Numerar in oak.


Here’s a little before and after for ya. I sanded it down to get the filmy stain off that it comes with. Easy enough. Then I applied Minwax Dark Walnut (a couple of coats?) to warm it up. Beau. ti. ful.

Ikea Oak countertop

Dark Walnut butcher block

Once it dried, I applied some Polycrylic to seal it up. Since this is not being used in a kitchen, I didn’t worry about taking any extra precautions. However, when using it with food prep, I would definitely look into other products that might be more food friendly.

Minwax Dark Walnut

Noooowwww onto the other side. I wanted a new sink and larger faucet, and as my husband says, I “like to make things difficult”. I wanted an undermount sink. Too much to ask? Perhaps.

Stainless undermount sink

I found the sink and faucet on Ebay, and I was feeling pretty good about the money I had saved! Luckily, one of our friends is a woodshop teacher, and he said he could cut it out for us. I wasn’t there when they cut it, but I’m told it wasn’t super easy. Hubs can be a little dramatic when it comes to these things, but it did take a while.

undermount sink laundry

For this being a first for both of them, I was really impressed with how it turned out! I can tell you this much—they drilled a hole into the wood, then used a jigsaw to cut out the perimeter. Then, they sanded down the edges to a smooth finish. They drilled it into the counter from the bottom and applied some clamps to hold it in. This still needs another coat of stain, but I will then run a bead of clear silicone along the sink line to make sure it’s all waterproof.

laundry undermount sink

Want a little sneak peek of our other “first” in this room? Cutting tile. It’s 80% done, and I’m smitten.

carrara backsplash

And now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. Or not? The recipient of the $175 gift card to Kirkland’s is Tracy D!!! I’m pretty sure she won because she used the word amazeballs. Computers like that word.

Oh! How generous! I love the way your patio is turning out I woulda been too chicken to paint something so new but it looks amazeballs! I totally get that forcing self to sit outside in this heat, we just installed a porch ceiling fan and even though it is swelling out we are out there anyway. At least the fan gives a little breeze instead of being hot and still. Anyway, before I write a novel on here….I love Kirklands. I’m always looking for decor items, lamps, pillows, furniture, truly the list goes on. Right this minute, I’m in need of some patio items cause I got a chair for me and the hubby, but nobody else. :( we want people to come visit and sit for a spell except I’m sure they don’t want to sit on the ground! So help please. I’d be so grateful.

Congratulations to Tracy and thank you to all of you who entered!!

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