I Have a Teenager

Clearly, I don’t look nearly old enough to have a 13-year old, but I do. Most (none?) of you will ever meet him, but here are a couple of things I know about my son.

He is amazingly patient, and kind, and tolerant, and protective of his sister.

kids pool

(He’s carrying her shoes. Really?)

kids walking

He loves all kinds of creatures—critters, bugs, snakes, etc. He has saved my life no less than 20 times when a spider was trying to kill me.

baby alligator

In his other life, he was a fish. He’s drawn to the water, and I can’t blame him.

IMG_2686 IMG_0568-1















He’s “that kid”. He will stick up for other kids—even if he doesn’t know them–because “it’s the right thing to do, Mom.”


He doesn’t wear a shirt from June 10th-September 5th. In his words, “I need to let my muscles breath.”



I could go on for hours about what a stellar son I have, but you get the picture. He sets the bar high for others, and I’m so proud that he’s mine!

Happy Birthday, little man! I love you so very, very much!

beach boy

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