How to Organize a Closet

Clever title, no? I promised you this post a few weeks ago, and time got away from me. Obviously, anytime you organize a space, it’s going to be an individual experience. My belongings won’t necessarily be the same as your belongings, ya know? So this is just a “general advice” post for you to show you how I approach it.

How to organize closet

Perhaps the most exciting part of this newly organized closet was the installation of drawers. If you can somehow make it work, I highly suggest it. As a matter of fact, I’ve put dressers inside of closets before just so I could have the drawer space.

Closet drawers

It’s not necessarily rocket science, but closet organization takes maintenance. All of little one’s clothes are grouped together. Skirts in one drawer, pajamas in another–you get the idea. The hardest part about this concept is making sure it stays that way. It’s a constant battle with a young one who just wants to throw her clothes in drawers and ask where all of them are when she needs them. I make it a point to go up there often and tweak things as needed to make sure they stay in their rightful place.

Skirt drawer

Aside from maintenance, my biggest piece of advice is to PURGE. I can’t say it enough. Kids grow out of clothing very quickly (or wear them out), and you need to flush that stuff out as soon as possible. Donate whatever they can’t wear so that their current clothes stay neat.

Pajama drawer
My next tip? Containers! Containers in every shape/style/size you can think of. When attacking something like this, I make a list of all the things I know need to be contained. Then I shop for the basket/bin/box that I’ll need to control it. While I don’t have them in the picture below, my little one is a journal/notebook junkie. She’s always got some cute little book that she’s writing or drawing in, so the magazine holders were a must. The photo boxes are a great way to gather all the little stuff–nail polish, random toy pieces, etc. And of course, the DIY jewelry tray is working out brilliantly. She uses it constantly.How to organize a closet

The older she gets, the more electronics she’s collecting. I have a spot for alllll those cords and small devices that need to be put together. Unfortunately, (like her mother) she’s got a bit of an obsession with iPod covers We have a whole pretty box full of them. And of course, Twilight. She doesn’t play with Barbies anymore, but she wanted to keep her Twilight dolls. So there they sit–collecting dust for another day.

Closet collage

So that’s how I control most of the little stuff. If I simply purge and maintain, it makes organizing a LOT easier!

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