House Goals

Nester is having a House Goals party, and it was just what I needed to start mapping out my plan for 2012. Since this post alone took me about three hours to write, I can only imagine how long the projects themselves will take. We’ll see.

1. That darn master bedroom. It’s a thorn in my side. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it simply because we don’t have guests up there. (This is where I will pretend not to notice all the many jokes that could be made about that sentence.) It’s one of those “shut the door and worry about it later” rooms, but I’m making changes this year. Here’s a little picture tour for you.

master bedroom

Uhhh…anyone ever close up an entire window before? We built this house 8 years ago, and I’ve hated it for 7 years 363 days. It’s a pain to work around, and it really serves no purpose. Hate it. Of course, the pictures map out a LOT more work, but I’m in “Stage 1” of the idea right now. For those of you don’t know, Stage 1 means I am starting to bring it up around my husband. We remain in that stage for several weeks—sometimes months—depending on the project level. We have a system here. Stay with me. 

master bedroom

Of course, when it’s all said and done, it’ll look JUST like this. I really don’t think I’m that far off. I have all the essentials already. You know…4 walls, flooring, a side table. I’m inches away. I can feel it.

Candice Olson bedroom

#2. De-boob. (What is this post rated?) Again…built the house years ago, but the complaint this time is that our contractor told us DAYS before the lighting was being installed that we needed to pick things out. Uhhh…ok. They had nothing we liked, and we didn’t have any time for special ordering. Annoyed would be a good way to describe our feelings. I hate all our chandeliers, and I’m getting rid of all the boob lights.

old lights

My poor laundry room light (above) has already felt my wrath. The light bulbs kept blowing out, and I don’t feel like there’s enough light in there at night. That’s what it looks like. Nice, eh? Below, you’ll see I conjured up some beautiful lighting to look into. However, don’t let my inspiration photos fool you. One of these pendants is over $1,000. Say huh?  Key words: inspiration photos.

lighting inspiration


 one, two, three, four, five, six

And lastly…back to the laundry room. It’s just there. Since I can’t bump out the wall about 5 more feet (don’t think I haven’t asked), it needs to reflect my style better. Also, I can’t guarantee that this picture was taken at 12:00. It’s very likely that I just don’t have a battery in that thing. Poor little room.

laundry room

So I plan on painting, tiling, building, and installing. For such a small room, it’ll be quite a bit of work. Since my New Year’s Resolution is to do laundry more than once a month, I figure this is the most likely way to get me to do that.

Benjamin Moore® Ben® Paint, Horizon Gray 2141-50Benjamin Moore® Ben® Paint, Silver Half Dollar 2121-40Benjamin Moore® Ben® Paint, Wickham Gray HC-171

Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern Honed in a Mesh - Click Image to Closecarrara tile


{source}                                                                                       {source}

laundry room laundry room

Finally, here’s a sneak peek of the first project I’ll be doing. My husband’s out of town for a couple of weeks (if you plan on coming to my house to murder me, I’ll murder you first), so I’m employing my father-in-law (who has no idea yet) to help me build/organize a linen closet. A 7-foot linen closet. Insert nervous giggle here. Aaaaannd now I’m sweating. 

linen closet

I’m off to prepare my “Let’s do this, Dad!” speech to make him believe he actually wants to help me. Wish me luck. In the meantime, stop by Nester’s place. I love to see what everyone has planned for the year.

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