HomeGoods Loot

I almost titled this “Booty”, but I started to imagine the searches it would get. Darn. So…I’m back. We went back home this weekend, and it was chuck-full of busyness!

We started out with the Warrior Dash. For some reason, the more mud and the more obstacles my husband can find, the happier he is. This is his third of five races this year, so I went to complain about how bad it smelled show my support.

Warrior Dash

Obviously not the best quality picture, but this is turning into a tradition. The juxtaposition of clean and dirty? Passive and aggressive? Good and evil? :) Who knows…

Warrior Dash-001

The next day, however, was alllll mine. My mom and I got up and went on what we deemed a “Homegoods Hop”. In other words, get on the computer and map out as many Homegoods stores as we can to figure out how many we can shop at in one day. Our total? 5  With a bonus of a marathon shop through Ikea.

I easily could have done five more, but my mom was d.o.n.e. I thought about leaving her behind in a parking lot, but my conscience wouldn’t let me. If there’s any doubt that we like to shop, here’s a sampling of what was purchased. I didn’t even get evidence of my mom’s finds!

Homegoods Shopping

Retail therapy—especially when it’s at HomeGoods—is always good for the soul. Now it’s back to reality. And laundry.

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