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I’ve been trying to get some things updated around JaG, and I finally put some pictures up in the “Our Home” page. I love to be able to discern someone’s style through pictures of their home, and it can be difficult to find those if they’re not in one place. So….now they’re in one place.

                            Before                                                       After

IMG_5054 IMG_5345

It’s by no means a full inventory of our house, but it’ll gradually get there. I have what you might call the “Oh the room isn’t quite done, so I don’t want to post pictures yet” syndrome.

white kitchen Dining room

On another (somewhat related) note, I have been nominated for Apartment Therapy’s annual Homies award. I always feel so funny about this, but I’d love it if you headed on over and voted for me. Don’t worry—I’m under no delusions of winning. I just like to hang out with the big guns so my mom thinks I’m cool.

Homies Topper 2.24.12.jpg

You just need to register/sign in with an e-mail, and you can vote for me (or vote for me here)! I’d really appreciate it!

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