Halloween Tissue Box

I guest posted over at Eighteen 25 a little while ago, and I thought I’d share with my readers (Holla!) what’s going on with the ol’ Halloweening. While I didn’t really do much last year, I did make this. It seems those Eighteen25 girls keep my Halloween butt in gear, eh? Soooo….I got a bit of a start on something this year.

Halloween witch boots

I shopped the house and realized that I bought this tissue box at Hobby Lobby 11 months ago. I know this because it was with the receipt. In the bag. Oops! It was only a couple of dollars, and I knew I wanted to make it something pretty!

tissue box tutorial

I spray painted it black and used my Silhouette cutter to cut out a couple of simple shapes for the sides. While I love crafting, I love simplicity. Anything too busy gives me hives, so it was as nice balance.

Halloween decor

For a little extra pizzazz, I Mod Podge’d some glittered craft paper to the top. I’m afraid to think how long I’ve had this stuff! Luckily, no receipt to remind me.

Modge Podge tissue box

A little ribbon bow added some dimension to it, and it was done! It was such a quick and easy project, I was nervous that I hadn’t done enough.

Halloween craft-001

With some added tissue, I stepped back and realized it was juuuuust right. A little creepy/spooky on one side…

Halloween spider tissue box

and cutesy/festive on the other!

Halloween tissue box

I love being able to make something so inexpensive yet useful! So…next time you craft, try to think out of the box. Get it? Tissue box? Craft humor. Just doesn’t get old.

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