Halloween Show and Share Day

Wanna know how to screw up a weekly party? Type up your post while watching Grey’s Anatomy and fall asleep on the couch before you hit publish. Not that I speak from personal experience or anything. I’m just sayin’.


The blogworld is not surprisingly full of Halloween inspiration this year. I can’t even wrap my brain around all the creativity I’ve seen. But you know what’s missing? Decorations at my house. Woops. I guess I should have gotten on that. You know, since Halloween is on Monday. I have very little out this year, but here’s my tour. Don’t blink.

I didn’t decorate my mantle. GASP! It currently has three toilet paper ghosts hanging from it. Here’s the “mantle” this year.

Halloween decorations

Hey, I made a wreath! Remember that? That was something…right?

spooky wreath

And then when I want to convince myself that I’ve decorated when I really haven’t, I put little signs on my lamps.

halloween glitter sign

Turn on a light? Bam! There it is. “Oh…I did decorate!”

beware glitter sign 

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Why don’t you just link up all your genius creativity? That might be better. :)

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