Halloween Mantel {Witches}

Yup. I’m late. I am aware of Halloween being only two days away, but better late than never? I had the mantel ready to go and then I spotted this witch print. It had. to. be. mine.

Halloween Mantel

I shopped around for the best price and purchased it at AllPosters. I used a 25% off coupon and waited ever-so-impatiently for it to arrive. Simple, creepy, bold. Exactly what I wanted.

witches art

The garland was a recent Michaels find. I contemplated making my own, but I like the idea of Michael making it. He’s so talented.


Another (old) Michaels purchase is this glittered witch on the floor. I wanted everything to compliment—but not compete with—the witch print. She’s the star of this show after all.

Halloween witch mantel

All the other items were just shopped from the house. Spray painting some branches from the backyard always add a spooky element to the mantel, and it’s free.

black and white mantel

If you’d like to see some past mantels of mine (You’ll notice I like the black/white theme), click on the pictures below! Feel free to check out the progression of  photo quality through the years too. Smile


witch silhouette

2010 (again)

halloween mantle


spooky mantel


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