Good Intentions…

HI!  I’m back.  Florida sun, sleeping in, going out to eat for every meal…be gone!  Back to reality for me.  I just walked in, and I have about 37 loads of laundry to do.  Until I get back on track, I thought I’d let you see how to spend the perfect afternoon alone in Florida.

Step 1:  Pack yourself a goody bag.  By goodies, I mean some good music, something sweet to eat, and (of course) a celebrity magazine to be read cover to cover with NO interruptions!


Step 2:  Sit in a chair that allows you to take full advantage of the view of your new pedicure.  You know…the one you’ve been needing for 6 months.


Step 3:  Speaking of views, make sure it’s something like this.


If you turn your head just slightly, it’s ok.  Your view will still look like this.


Step 4:  (Perhaps the most important)  Lay back and enjoy the sounds around you.  Notice that those sounds do NOT include, “Mom, I’m hungry.  What food did you bring?”  “Mom, will you throw me in the water some more?”  “Mom, she won’t share her shovel!”  Basically, drown out anything you hear that remotely sounds like “Mom…”


Final step?  Take a shower, feel a bit of a hot sensation coming from your skin, take a look in the mirror, and scream at the horror!  (Believe me, that wasn’t the worst of it.) Then douse yourself in aloe and ibuprofen for the next three days.  Rinse and repeat. 


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