Gallery Wall

I’ve been working on some revamps in our mudroom. You know how I love my neutrals, but it was starting to look a little bland. Family pictures all over the house just aren’t my thing. I’d rather have a conversation piece as opposed to clutterey picture frames everywhere. Make sense? Probably not.

corner gallery1

The space started like this. If you’ll notice, I taped off where the corner boot bench will go. I wanted to see how high it would be on the wall, so I could plan my gallery accordingly. And yes…the boot bench is still made out of tape at this point.

corner bootbench

I made a trip to Ikea (because you can NOT beat their prices on frames) and stocked up on a bunch of various sizes and depths. Using a roll of craft paper, I laid them all out and made templates of each frame. This way I could move them around into different positions without commitment issues.

Ikea frame collage

And then it got fun. Or overwhelming. Depends how you look at it. The trick was sizing (have to have some large frames or it looks too cluttered) and shape (implementing round and oval frames keeps it from looking too edgy).  how to hang a gallery wall

While I used a bunch of the Ikea frames, I made sure to use some black and touches of gold and silver to add different tones. Basically, I wanted to unite the colors from the surrounding rooms since the mudroom is open to them.

how to create a gallery wall

And now for the final product. Ba…Bam.

corner gallery

No joke—I’m in love. All the pictures are such great memories of wonderful moments in our lives, and it allowed me to bring out some items that I’ve been wanting to display.

gallery corner

Soooo the boot bench hasn’t happened just yet, but at least the surrounding decor has.  Woo Hoo!

corner gallery wall

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