Front Porch Makeover

So Thanksgiving came and went. And with that went my mums, kale, and petunias. Right now, I’m feeling a little guilty that I never showed you those. Oops. Of course, winter tears through up here and leaves my porch looking a little less…uhhh…welcoming.

front porch

Don’t worry (you aren’t worried, are you?). I’ve got a remedy for that. This is my backyard, remember? And yes, I am totally showin’ off m’deer. We don’t see a ton of buck, but this guy paid us a visit recently. Back to my point (Get it, point? I was just talking about a buck?)—the trees. Lots of ‘em.


So I ventured into the forest and cut off a bunch of varying branches.Who knew there were so many evergreen species back there? I just kind of stuck them in the dirt in random directions until I liked the way it looked.

winter urns

I found some red branches (with a bunch of life-ending thorns, mind you) for some height, but I bought some red glittery picks at Hobby Lobby to bring in a little more color. I’d say it cost me $8.00. Not bad.

diy evergreen urns

The outside decorating is coming along nicely. I wanted to save a couple dollars this year and bought a different fresh garland. NEVER again. I’m so displeased with it. Bummer.

fresh garland

I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty much banking on some snow for the whole house pictures, but we don’t have any. In Michigan. In December. Write that down, Farmer’s Almanac.  Hopefully, I can get some this week.

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