Flooring Woes

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Remember when Maximus almost died, and I was all, “Oh…that’s sad. I’m so glad he’s alive!”? So that wiped out our bank account. Yay. And then remember when my dining room looked like this? Dining room
Welp. Now it looks like this.Diningroom after

I’ll give you one guess who did it. His name starts with N and ends with Emesis. Long story short, he developed a bladder infection after the surgery, I Freaked out (yup-capital F), and I tore up all the carpet. We’re talking down to the subfloor with Maximus urine. I know God is testing me with this dog. I don’t know exactly what he wants me to learn here, but it’s a test. A big one.

Maximus on floor

So now…we figure out what to do. I want wood floors to match the rest of the house. Is that possible? We’ve been here for 9 years, so I know it won’t be a perfect match.  Husband wants carpet. He’s wrong.  I shopped around at Mowhawk the other day–’cause that’s what you do when you don’t have the finances for all new floors–and picked out what I want. Wide plank + dark stain=yumm.

Mohawk flooring

Mohawk floor

While this guy hangs his head in shame (not really–I think he actually enjoys it), we weigh our options. Wood floor, strip all our floors to get them to match, carpet (not)…all of which require money we don’t want to spend. Sounds like home ownership, doesn’t it?


I just thought I’d fill you in on things happening at the ol’ household. In the meantime, we pray no one comes to our front door!

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