Flashback Friday

So the new projects around here are coming along slowly. Not even really surely at this point. In an effort to be all, “Hey, remember when I did that?” or “You’re new here, have you seen this?”, I thought I’d do some flashbacks of projects past. 

Some DIY bookshelves, anyone? Unfortunately one of the shelves’ books has been replaced with a mirror and a bunch of perfume bottles. Sigh…she’s getting older. 

DIY bookshelves jpg

 The neighbor’s gift I made sometime ago was a success. Well, maybe not. They moved out a year later. 

Neighbor gift

I also organized dollar store cards into a dollar store caddy. I still use this thing! 

Card caddy

And finally, a pegboard display I made that we still use. So much so that I can’t see the pegboard right now. Might wanna work on that. 

Pegboard display

Clearly, the photo skills of blogging have come a long way, but the projects still remain. Hopefully, this will introduce you to some oldies but goodies! Have a great weekend.

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