Flashback Friday {Birthday Parties}

Well, happy Friday! And Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully, you’re celebrating with family and friends. Today’s flashback is some birthday parties I’ve documented. Unfortunately, I had plenty of birthday parties under my belt before I started blogging about them. Soooo I have a few I can show you.

First up? The Indiana Jones party. I’m no cake expert (clearly), but my son loved it. Guess that’s all that matters, eh?

Indiana Jones party

We had plenty of games, but the mummy contest was a big hit! 

Mummy game

Another party was the Pirate party

Pirate decorations

Another DIY cake involved crumbled up graham crackers, toys from the house, and cut up cereal boxes to make shark fins

Pirate cake

For an activity, I aged clues on paper for a treasure hunt in the yard. Luckily, we have a big yard. My husband buried a huge treasure chest in the back yard (a little too deep really), and it was a hit! Notice them running? Love it. Treasure hunt

Little Miss had a ballerina party some time ago. She wanted her party to match her outfit (of course), so it was a black and pink theme. Easy enough!

Ballerina party

Decorate some cupcakes and throw a ballerina on top. Done.

Birthday cupcakes

Anyone remember The Cheetah Girls? Yeah well, we definitely went through that stage. So a Cheetah Girls party it is…errr was.

Cheetah Party

Of course, that meant plenty of karaoke, feathers, glitter, cheetah prints, and a stage.

Cheetah birthday party

And this guy is a microphone hog. Pretty sure he thought the stage was built for him.

Karaoke stage

And the big one? Her 10th birthday was a bit over the top, but it was a hit. It was also the last big party I planned. It was so exhausting, it required three posts. The party decorations, the sleepover tent, and the popcorn bar all deserved their own write-up, so you can click on any/all of them for more details.

Woodland party

The Woodland Theme party was my favorite because I was able to tie in so many natural elements. Lots of texture and matching colors made it so pretty! 

Party water bottles

I decorated a canopy tent with lots of tulle, stars, balloons, and paper pom pons. 

Party tent

And finally, the popcorn bar. Movies, a sparkly tent, and a bunch of flavored popcorn? Yes, please. 

Popcorn bar

I so wish I had better documentation of the other parties, but I think this will give you an idea. We’re finally in the stages of “less is more” with the parties now that they’re getting older. And it’s a LOT less work. Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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