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Whoa! It’s been a busy week around these parts. Parent teacher conferences have monopolized the week (the kids and mine), so I haven’t had time to check in. However, I had to come and announce the gift card winner! And of course, explain the weirdness behind our birthday answers. Here we go.

Which one of us…

Has never learned to play an instrument? Sarah is surrounded by musical people and doesn’t know how to play one. Ironic, eh? I can play the piano. Well, I could in the 5th grade.

Never wears matching socks? According to Sarah, I’m weird for this one. I never match them. Ever.

Does not have pierced ears? Again, me. I had them pierced twice, and my body just rejected them. In other words, they really hurt.

Suffered whiplash from a mechanical bull? This is Sarah’s story to tell…

Auditioned to be on The Wheel of Fortune? All Sarah. I would look like a deer in headlights on tv, so it wouldn’t be my thing.

Is a grandma? Ol’ Granny Sarah!

Had horrible experiences on horses and will never ride them again? Uh, me. Twice. I have decided that horses have somehow spread the word about me and refuse to let me have a nice, casual ride. The world of horses has shunned me, and I have accepted that.

Didn’t visit Disney until she was nearly 40? Sarah. I’ve been a few times, and I’m done.

Favorite author is Jane Austen? ME! Can’t get enough of her. Still hoping they’ll find some huge vault of never-before-seen books of hers. 

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for? Here’s the winner of the $100 gift card to Target–

Niki from JandEdoodles

TargetLogo thumb

Congratulations!! Have a great weekend!


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It’s Our Birthday! {Target Gift Card} http://www.justagirlblog.com/its-our-birthday-target-gift-card/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/its-our-birthday-target-gift-card/#comments Thu, 09 Oct 2014 11:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8313

Well, Happy Birthday to US! Welcome back to another installment of we’re getting older, and it makes us feel better when we announce it to thousands of people. Sarah aka Thrifty Decor Chick has become one of my dearest and closest friends, so it’s no surprise that we share the same birthday. We also tend to share the same thoughts and feelings, but that might be for another blog post.

Birthday picture

Speaking of sharing, if she were truly my best friend, she would come paint my bedroom this same color…

Gray bedroom

and she would build this fireplace for me (drool).

DIY fireplace

Truth be told, she would probably do both. She’s just that wonderful. So while we contemplate getting another year old, and my husband rushes out to find me a birthday present (why shop early?), we’ve got our annual quiz for you! Social media has probably hinted some of these to you, so I’ll bet you’ll do better on these than you think. If it makes you feel better, my mom missed three of mine last year. My mom. :)

TargetLogo thumb

So here’s the deal. Take the quiz here, then head to Sarah’s to take the other half of the quiz. Once you find out your score, leave it in the comments on her blog. That will count as your entry. One lucky winner will receive $100 gift card to Target! Yahoo! It’s our birthday, and you’re receiving the gift! We’re good people. Good luck!



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Fall Table http://www.justagirlblog.com/fall-table/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/fall-table/#comments Wed, 08 Oct 2014 00:46:12 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8306

Well the fall decorating just doesn’t stop around these parts! My monthly challenge for Lowes was to decorate a fall tablescape. Don’t mind if I do! 

Fall tablescape

We host Thanksgiving every year, and it’s time for a kid table. By kids, I mean tweens and teens, so it doesn’t need to be juvenile. However, I thought some brown paint paper (from Lowes!) would be an easy cleanup for it. Fall tablescape 2
They had some dusty orange pumpkins in the garden section, and I thought they offered a soft touch of orange to the space. Want in on a secret? The front pumpkin is actually fake. Not bad, eh?The bread, however, is real, and my 4-legged fur man was sitting under the table just waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

Fall tablescape 9
I’m tellin’ ya…Lowes pulls through once again! A pretty tablescape, some perfectly toned pumpkins, and an easy cleanup? Well, I be. Or is it I’ll be? Either way, it’s a win/win.

Fall tablescape 11

My love for Lowes runs deep, so check out their digital Creative Ideas Magazine! You may just spot some creative bloggers you know.

Fall14 Blogger Subscribe Banner 392x140

Disclosure: Lowes provided me with a gift card to showcase this project as part of their Lowes Creative Ideas Bloggers’ team. All the thoughts and opinions are certainly my own. I don’t get gift cards for those. :)


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DIY Patio and Fire Pit http://www.justagirlblog.com/diy-patio-and-fire-pit/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/diy-patio-and-fire-pit/#comments Mon, 06 Oct 2014 20:58:01 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8297

Well, it’s far from a finished reveal, but the progress is pretty incredible. The good news is that my husband and I are still happily married, and the patio is done enough that it can at least function. As a reminder, here’s the before.

Patio before

And here’s the “during semi-after not quite finished but enough to show you” status. 

DIY patio
That spot has been an eye-sore for years, so we’re pretty thrilled that—if nothing else—the brush is cleared. In true JaG luck, it rained incessantly this week. Not only did it slow our progress, but it also kept us from being able to use it for the Homecoming party. Nope. Not joking.

DIY patio 8

Regardless, we’re thrilled we have an official spot to enjoy our cool fall nights until we finish it in the spring. 

DIY patio 6

Ya see all that unfinished-ness? We haven’t cut the pieces to fill in the edges, we still have another layer of bonding sand to apply, and we still need to build the curved stone bench that’s ready to go (see materials up above). Oh, and we kind of mutilated portions of our yard. 

DIY patio 5

Next spring, we will dive into phase two of the project. That involves building a wall behind the patio. It’ll serve as a retainer for a slope in the back and provide some extra seating. Don’t mind my horrific mock-up skills, but you can see the direction we plan on going. There’s a lot of space back there, so we’ll do some dwarf spruces, flowering trees to blend into the existing forest, and some substantial shrubs to fill in the gaps. Backyard plan

So that’s where we are. It functions, and it’s 375% better than it was before. It’s kinda like painting and getting new flooring, but no furniture or accessories to make it pretty. I’ll let ya know when Phase 2 begins!


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Backyard Renovation http://www.justagirlblog.com/backyard-renovation/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/backyard-renovation/#comments Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8286

It alllll started with a Homecoming dance. My son came home and said, “Hey, I told a bunch of my friends they could come over after the Homecoming dance for a bonfire!” Unbeknownst to me, a bunch means 15. And a bonfire means coming over for dinner and pictures before. Here is said fire pit.

Patio before

We have a lot of yard, so we use it to burn brush, Christmas trees, etc. We’ll have neighbor kids over for some s’mores, but the entertainment value of this space is pretty much nil. So then my husband says, “I think it’s time we built a patio and fire pit back there.” We’ve been wanting to do this project for years, but there was always something else on the list. Gluttons for punishment, we started on it two weeks before the dance. Keep in mind we are the same two people who have had an unfinished bathroom for nearly a year now. And an unfinished laundry room for even longer.

Pulling up sod

From here on out, when I say we, please know that I mean my husband and my father-in-law. I’m the brains and the supervisor, but the hard labor is all them. The plan was a round patio with a bunch of landscaping around it. Easy enough, eh? Not in our timeframe, it isn’t. Every single round patio stone involved special ordering, so we had to scratch that plan. 

Patio process

Soooo we went square. After renting a sod remover machine (not official title), we rented a Bobcat to go to town on the leveling. Seem like overkill, perhaps? Well, we decided on an  324-foot square patio. With built-in seating. And a retainer wall behind it. Quit shaking your head at us. We know we’re nuts. 

Patio progress

I have decided that if the world is overtaken by zombies or if aliens are chasing after us and we jump on the bobcat to escape, we will die. As skilled as my husband is, he and the Bobcat just didn’t get along. The fight was inches away from getting physical, so I had to step in. Scary stuff.

DIY patio steps

Ready for the reveal? Well, you won’t get one today. This is where we are. Stones, gravel, and sand have all been delivered and manually brought down to the pit. Boulders that we had in the back woods were brought out, and we’ve placed them throughout for when the landscaping starts to take shape. 

Patio during

They’ve been working on it feverishly for days. The DIY Channel we are not. Yard Crashers wouldn’t hire us. However, I can see things starting to take shape. Maybe. One thing I do know is that this is the most expensive Homecoming dance we’ve ever experienced. Stay tuned…


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Fall Home Tour http://www.justagirlblog.com/fall-home-tour/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/fall-home-tour/#comments Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8278

Happy Fall to you! It’s officially here which means the pumpkins officially came out of storage. If you’re here from my friend Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, welcome! I hope you’re enjoying Lindsay’s fall blog hop. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of these tours. 

I’ll keep the words to a minimum, but I’ve deemed this the year of the vignette. Seems I’ve implemented enough of them in my decor this year, but I’m alright with that. Whatever makes the house cozy and comfortable, eh?

Colonial house

Fall home

Come on in!Fall entry

Fall mantel

Fall furniture

Wheat bundle
White pumpkins

Vignette fall

Fall decor

Yellow leaves

Turkey platter

Fall colors

Ya see what I did there? I welcomed you at the front door, and I took you right out the back—in a friendly manner, of course. Unfortunately, this isn’t even everything yet. Thanksgiving is a big holiday at this house, so I really like to bring out the fall decor. I’ll be back once it all gets settled into place. In the meantime, how about you head over to Number Fifty-Three to see her beautiful fall decor? Have fun!

Fall door

A big thanks to Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. for organizing the fall hop! By all means, go visit her to see the whole sha-bang of participants! 



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Monday Musings http://www.justagirlblog.com/monday-musings/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/monday-musings/#comments Mon, 22 Sep 2014 15:20:16 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8260

Happy Monday, all! I just thought I’d check in with a couple of things. Cold 2014 has hit our house with a vengeance, so it has been a lot of groaning, sneezing, coughing, and sleeping around here. Before I caught the plague from my little ones, I was able to decorate the porch for fall. There you have it. My fall tour. :)

Fall house

I’m hoping to be back in action tomorrow (yeah, right), but a certain “man cold” is slowing my recovery. If your house hasn’t suffered from this ailment yet, here’s a video to demonstrate what it looks like. 

Have a great day! I’ll be back with my real fall tour later this week!


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Flashback Friday {Halloween} http://www.justagirlblog.com/flashback-friday-halloween/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/flashback-friday-halloween/#comments Fri, 19 Sep 2014 11:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8253

After going through old posts, I think I have an obsessive issue with Halloween decor. Apparently, I like to decorate for Halloween. Like, a lot. I pretty much went straight to fall decorating this year (blaspheme!), but here’s some inspiration from years’ past. Enjoy!

Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath

Halloween Clock

Halloween clock

Halloween Mantel

Halloween mantel

Halloween Decor

Halloween decor

Glitter Ghosts

Halloween ghosts craft

DIY Witch’s Hat

Witch hat

Have a great weekend!


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Bat Print http://www.justagirlblog.com/bat-print/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/bat-print/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8243

Whew! Anybody out there still? Well I’m back to work, and it’s proving a lot crazier and time-consuming than I remember it. Pile two sick kids home from school on top of that, and it’s squeezed blogging right out of my schedule.  

So while I try to wrap my brain around this new schedule of mine, stop by Eighteen25 for their annual Spooktacular September. I made a little project for them this weekend, and I’m madly in love with it. The directions are ridiculously easy and inexpensive.

Pottery Barn Halloween

I actually made a couple of these, so I’ll be back later to show you the others! 


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Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour {My Favorite Room} http://www.justagirlblog.com/blogger-stylin-home-tour-my-favorite-room/ http://www.justagirlblog.com/blogger-stylin-home-tour-my-favorite-room/#comments Thu, 28 Aug 2014 10:00:00 +0000 http://www.justagirlblog.com/?p=8240

Happy Thursday and welcome to those of you coming from My Fabuless Life!! I’ll come back later to explain my recent absence (life just gets in the way sometimes, eh?), but today I’m happy to be a part of Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour blog hop! Great idea, right? 

I chose my daughter’s room for two reasons. 1. It’s my favorite. 2. It’s the most completed room in the house. It’s one of the only rooms I never wavered on. I knew the look I wanted, she loved it as much as I did, and we dove in head first! 

Blue girls room

I have a resource list of items that can be found here, but the DIY tree mural is still our favorite. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, so I’m glad Little One hasn’t asked me to paint over it yet. She’s just gonna have to like the tree for a while longer. Mama says.

How to paint a tree

And the closet? I had a bar in my closet when I was her age. I hung clothes on it. The end. 


It’s Closetmaid shelving, and it’s a huge success. She does “almost” as well as I’d like her to when it comes to organizing it and keeping it tidy. I’m a purger. She is not. 

Closet files

This repainted china cabinet with a secret secretary has received plenty of attention from her. It was a Craigslist find for $60. Well worth every minute of painting it. 

Painted secretary

Her tweeniness is starting to seep into the decor just a bit. No more Cinderellas or fairy statues. Just peace signs and disco balls. Poor me.

Peace and disco ball

Speaking of poor me, what 12-year old has a jewelry collection like this? I’m not quite prepared for this little fashionista she’s growing into, but at least the girl has good taste, eh?


One constant at least has been the DIY bookshelves I built for her. The books look a little different, but she does love it! As long as she’s reading, I’m a happy mom.

How to build bookshelves

Thanks for taking a little tour with me today! Are you ready for a ton more beautiful spaces? Well, your next stop most definitely needs to be Retro Ranch Reno! Have fun!

Favorite room edition graphic


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