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Hey hey! Welcome back to the first installment of the second half of Feature Friday! Make sense? If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that Feature Friday has been around for a while. I stepped away from it for a minute, but I miss it. And I miss highlighting readers. So it’s back! And it’s goooood.


If there’s a feature I love, it’s one who is a crazy visionary and one who says, “I followed your painting tutorial” to make it look that way. Just sayin’… Alicia from The Swedberg Project e-mailed me a while back and showed me a be-u-ti-ful project she took on. And believe me—it required vision.


She turned a consignment vanity into this! I’m not gonna lie. The girl knows how to accessorize (that mirror!!), but the vanity is really the show stopper.

painted vanity


paint a vanity

She followed the directions I gave for my grandparents’ buffet, and (like me) swears by the final product! She did use water-based primer, however. That will be good to know for those of you who can’t find oil-based!

vanity with mirror

Alicia found the classy, sophisticated, perfect knobs for $2.00 at Hobby Lobby. Great choice, eh?

Hobby Lobby knobs

Thankfully, she included some close-up shots so you can see the details. It’s just a fantastic job, and I’m SO thankful she shared it with us!

refinished vanity

Alicia is building (done building?) a house, so maybe we can convince her to share more of it with us. Peer pressure at its finest, right? Please go visit and tell her how awesome she is! :)

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